What are your best budget hacks?

Whether it’s stuffing cash under the mattress, toting your bag-for-life or a couple of extra jumpers in Winter - we all have our top tips for saving money. How do you stay on top of your finances each month? We’ve noted a few of our Wollit favourites down here, but we’d love to hear your best budget hacks!

  • Make a meal plan each week and stick to it! A shopping list will be your best friend and stop you from spending unnecessarily on food each day.

  • Write down your financial goals for the month and share them with someone close. This gives you a real idea of what you want to achieve with your budgeting and makes you more accountable.

  • Track your spending with Wollit and get clear, in-depth insights to help you manage your money (oops, how did that one get in there :smirk: )

What are your best tricks for making your money go further?

I pay all my bills at the start of the month so I know how much I have left for me :slight_smile:

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Yes this is a cracker! There’s nothing worse than unexpected bills sneaking up on you at the end of the month, and lets you know how much you’ve got to treat yourself :gift:

I like to use cashback apps to save on groceries. I use Shopmium if anyone wants some free Pringles just sign up using code
me3m8u :pray:t3: